Author: Wale Akinola  SHARE ON FACEBOOK SEND VIA EMAIL – Former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Tam David West has talked about Buhari’s health status – Tam David-West said Buhari is hale and healthy contrary to claims by some Nigerians – He said there would be major re-thinking of governance when Buhari returns Former Minister of Petroleum Resources and President Muhammau Buhari’s associate, Tam David West, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari would shock Nigerians positively when he returns from his medical trip to London hale and hearty. gathered that Tam-West said contrary to claims by some Nigerians, he knew that the President was alive and recuperating well. Speaking with Sun, the former minister also said Buhari, upon arrival, may shock Nigerians with cabinet reshuffle and a major re-thinking of method of governance. READ ALSO: There is a serious plot to islamise Nigeria – Oyedepo “Many Nigerians are complaining that since President Muhammadu Buhari travelled to London on medical trip, things have not been going in the right direction, especially in the political arena. Many Nigerians seem to have been frustrated. So, what are the shockers Nigerians should expect from him when he returns to the country? “First, when Buhari comes to the country, Nigerians will be shocked. Have you ever seen a dead man coming back alive? Many people have been saying he has died, I don’t care for them because I have contact with him every week; and I know what is happening every week. When they said Buhari had died, I said they were talking rubbish because I have evidence that he is alive. “All of the people that are talking stupidly, if you want to be responsible, make a statement based on facts. They have no facts. Look, I have latest evidence two days ago; the man is healthy and alive. How are they going to be shocked? “They will be shocked because he will come back alive, which will be the first shock. They will also be shocked that he will come back hale and healthy. They will be shocked that when he comes back, he will be the same Buhari that those that know him know – he is so humorous; intellectual Buhari. They carried rumour that he had died and he’s in the mortuary. Muslims don’t put their dead ones in the mortuary. “Then, his wife went to see him. She came back and said she saw her husband and thanked all the people that were praying for him. But skeptical Nigerians, useless and wicked Nigerians said ‘how do we know that his wife saw him?’ She said ‘I saw my husband and you are still doubting him. “Then, they said he could not talk again. He addressed the nation on Sallah. They also said he addressed the nation in Hausa, not in English. Before that time, they said he could not speak. Now, the latest one, the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, who is the acting president presently has gone to London and said he talked with the President for over one hour. PAY ATTENTION: Read the news on Nigeria’s #1 news app “He said Buhari was busy cracking hilarious jokes. They will be shocked because all the evil things they wished him will never come true. They will be shocked because when he returns, it is not likely to be as usual. “Second, I have this strong feeling that when Buhari comes back, there will be a major re-thinking of governance method. I trust that he will do cabinet reshuffle. But cabinet reshuffle is just a little normal thing. I think that a major re-thinking of method of governance is the only way left for us to turn the table round, and get back the confidence of the people.” Meanwhile, had previously reported that President Muhammadu Buhari has started weighing two option which include returning back to Nigeria or apply for his accumulated annual leave.