Editor’s note: The month of Ramadan has reached its 15 days with possibly 15 more days of fasting to go.

In this Ramadan series, NAIJ.com looks at the what Muslims can do or start to do as the other half of the fasting month starts in order to get closer to God.

The month of Ramadan has reached 15 which also signals the 15th day of the Muslim fast. Slowly, it will also inch to an end. While Muslims have devoted a lot to serving Allah and keeping close to him, there is still a lot of work to be done.


Some Muslims run the risk of beginning to feel relaxed during Ramadan as it reaches its 15th day. Mosques which used to be full during the first five days of Ramadan especially for Tarawih prayers are now quickly becoming empty. Muslims must endeavour to maintain and increase their religious practice during Ramadan in order to get the best reward from Allah