Author: Chinma Ihenacho gathered that armed robbers at Wa in Upper West, Ghana, returned GHc51,000 (N4,590,000) to a trader after the man sent “juju” and warned that the thieves would die within three days. According to reports, the unnamed trader had collected money from other Ghanaian traders doing business in Burkina Faso. He was planning to transport the money to Leo in the West African country, before he was attacked by robbers. READ ALSO: Don’t allow a poor man marry you – Ghanaian counselor The man had reportedly performed rituals after the robbery, where he invoked “juju” on them, vowing that the armed robbers would die within three days if they failed to return the money. According to reports, the armed robbers returned the money, leaving it at the man’s doorstep. The police who had earlier been called to trace the thieves, confirmed the incident. Meanwhile, see this video of a Nigerian man who was recently sacked and has become a union worker. He said he doesn’t want to be forced into a life of crime.