In the face of the growing xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in South Africa, a pastor during a sermon blamed Nigerians for the attack.

In what many have described as a violent incitation, the South African Pastor claimed Nigerians were advising penis enlargement substances and promoting abortion in their country.

He also blamed the South African government for allowing foreigners take their jobs.

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He said committing abortion is destroying the work that God is doing on the woman.

The Pastor who told members who don’t like what he’s preaching to stand up and go and that if he meets anybody with a penis enlargement product, he will kick the person’s teeth out with his ‘sharp nose’ shoes.’

See video below:

  • Meanwhile, A South African high court in Johannesburg sentenced a 33-year-old man named Eke Ogochukwu to 20-year jail term for alleged human trafficking.

Ogochukwu was accused of forcing a 15-year-old girl into prostitution and was found guilty of four charges relating to human trafficking, Vanguard reports.

Ogochukwu’s victim was said to have escaped in August 2015, and received help from a nearby church in Rosettenville. After the minor escaped officials alerted the police and Ogochukwu was arrested.