Women, irrespective of their age are usually mindful and conscious of their environment. They tend to carefully safe guard what is theirs or in their possession.

While men generally, on the other hand are believed to have this carefree attitude when it comes to things they do on a daily basic. Most women if not all will take their time to do things, like applying their makeup, picking their clothes, taking time too choose accessories that match their outfits.

Every women will always take extra time to cross the Ts and dot the Is in whatever they do. Here are 10 things women will always do while men will not.

1. Women are usually concerned about their safety

10 things women do that men don’t have to worry about

If you observe closely, you will notice that women sit near other women on public transport to minimise the risk of being harassed or attacked. Being mindful of their safety they always locate where they will be less threatened.

2. Women are usually conscious when alone

No woman likes to be seen at the receiving end, especially when she is alone. Whenever, a woman is alone she carries a key in her hand as a “weapon”. For her to feel a bit secured when walking alone at night, her little weapon helps.

3. Women pretend to be on phone

10 things women do that men don’t have to worry about

To avoid been harassed, women with their timid nature could pretend to be on the phone. This is common among women if they feel they are not safe where they are at that moment.

4. Women love to wear ring

10 things women do that men don’t have to worry about

Women believe that wearing a wedding ring will reduce the chances of men hitting or harassing them because they respect another man’s “property” more than a woman’s right to say no. Even though this might not help in some cases, women still use the tactics to avoid trouble.

5. Women do not like to reveal their identity

Women are good at giving men fake names and phone numbers rather than risking their anger at being rejected. Whosoever they are not comfortable with, they tend not to reveal their identity.

6. Women will always tell a friend about their whereabouts

It is very rare for a woman not to tell her friend where she is going, if not all there will still be this special one she tells. She makes sure a friend knows where she is going especially, on a first date with a stranger.

7. Women adore every part of their body

Women love hair to be full on their head and not their body. They remove hair from armpits, legs, and bikini line because it is unacceptable but on men it is totally believed to be acceptable.

8. Women love compliments

10 things women do that men don’t have to worry about

Women love to wear makeup because they are conditioned to believe their bare face is not good enough. Passing a compliment on a woman especially her make up, makes her feel great.

9. Women get bothered when you complain about their looks

It is believed a woman is naturally beautiful but when she is not wearing her makeup because she doesn’t want to, kindly avoid to say she looks tired or sick.

10. Women love to keep their period private

Women tend to hide some said products up sleeves or in pockets when going to the bathroom in public places. They still hold on to this belief that there is still a lot of stigma around periods.

11. Women are always mindful of their drinks

10 things women do that men don’t have to worry about

Women are fond of keeping their drink covered with their hand. They will also get a friend to watch over it whenever they need to go to the restroom either at a bar or social gathering.