The vice chairman of the National Union and Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Palm Grove branch, has been confirmed dead at the General Hospital, Shomolu, Lagos, as he was allegedly stabbed to death on Tuesday, March 7, over a girlfriend.

NURTW member allegedly stabs Vice Chairman over girlfriend

However, two suspects Ayodele Muyiwa and James Friday, have been apprehended by the police and detained at the Shomolu division, as they were accused of carrying out the attack.

According to Vanguard, Ayodele Muyiwa, has been having a fight with the victim, identified as Omotunde, whom he accused of snatching his girlfriend. A member of the union revealed that:

When Muyiwa came to the park on Tuesday, he engaged Omotunde in a quarrel, accusing him of snatching his girlfriend to spite him because he was rich. They started exchanging words. In the process, Muyiwa carried a plank with which he threatened to hit Omotunde. He bent down and dared Muyiwa to carry out his threat, but he did not. At night, Muyiwa stormed the park in the company of another person to attack Omotunde. They beat him, stabbed him in the stomach and left.”

Preliminary investigation, according to police sources, revealed that the main suspect had earlier been arrested for being in possession of a gun during the union’s election. He was reportedly taken to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), Yaba, but was later released.