Premium Times reports that the defense lawyers had objected to the document tendered by Onkvah Ovenevoh, a staff of Fidelity Bank Plc, on the grounds that it was stamped and signed by the EFCC and not the bank.

BREAKING: Court admits evidence against Orji Kalu in case by EFCC

Kalu will now face the court with the evidence his lawyers objected to.

They objected to Ovenevoh giving evidence in the trial but their objection was turned down by the judge on Tuesday, March 7.

“I agree that the written document by Fidelity Bank is an original document,” the Presiding judge Idris said in his ruling on Wednesday, March 8 morning.

“This document is admissible since it is an original document and needs no certification by the EFCC

“I hold that once the letter dated October 13th, 2006, has been validly accepted, the documents attacked goes with it. The letter of October 13th, 2006, and its attachment are hereby admitted as a whole in evidence and marked as exhibit A1.”

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