The General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), Temitope Balogun Joshua, has delivered a woman, Alice De Oliveira, from demons that held her bondage from her mother’s womb.

TB Joshua

Woman who was offered to the DEVIL from the womb delivered by TB Joshua

In a post shared on the church’s Facebook page, TB Joshua Ministries, it was revealed that Oliveira’s grandmother practiced witchcraft and performed her magic on her daughter while she was pregnant with Oliveira.

TB Joshua

TB Joshua delivers woman from demons

According to the post, Oliveira was offered to the devil at the age of 7 and she was introduced into different types of witchcraft when she assisted her grandmother with the craft.

Read her story below:

During the mass prayer at The SCOAN a lady from Brazil received deliverance from demons that had held her in bondage from her mother’s womb. Alice’s grandmother was a powerful witchdoctor who would lay her hand on her mother’s womb and chant while she was pregnant with Alice.”

“When Ionora Alice De Oliveira was seven days old, she was taken to her grandmother who performed witchcraft rituals on her and then kept her out of people’s sight for forty days. She was dedicating Alice to satan. At an early age, Alice joined her grandmother as her assistant. Her grandmother introduced her to different types of witchcraft.”

“In her grandmother’s house there was a demonic altar in a room separated for the worship of the evil spirits. Due to her tender age and the fact that she was a pure, she was the one to work directly with the evil spirits working with her grandmother.”

“As a small girl, if she liked a man, she would manipulate them with her s*ductive power to kiss them. After kissing her, the man would have the spirit of lust and begin sleeping around with women. She would also instruct demons, calling the names of people on the charms and the person would be cursed.”

“At 15, she saw a man she wanted to marry and through satanic rituals her grandmother bewitched the man who then proposed to her granddaughter. Within some weeks they were married. Her grandmother told her that for the satanic covenant to last between her and her husband she had to renew it each year. She didn’t renew the covenant realising that it was fake love and not real and the relationship fell apart.”

“She became tired of her dark life and started to have thoughts of killing herself. The demons began to attack her. Her life was worthless. She later got remarried to another man who truly loved her but the power of manipulation in her would constantly try to control the man putting a great strain on their relationship.”

“Looking for a solution and to be free from her satanic bondage, she attempted to go to a church, something she had never done before but any time she tried to enter a church, the demons would cause her to rather run away. She finally attended a church who were planning to visit The SCOAN and that was how she came to The SCOAN.”

“During the Mass Prayer with Prophet T.B. Joshua, she wanted to leave but someone pushed her forward, she suddenly felt great anger, then found herself on the floor and felt a great weight leave her body. She is now delivered and free. Ever since her deliverance she no longer has nightmares or uses tablets to sleep. Her troubles have gone, in Jesus’ name.”

“She advised others that it is possible to be free. She thought that the bond she had with demons could not be broken but she discovered that Jesus Christ is able to break every satanic chain and set you free, bringing peace and joy to your life.”

Thank God!