A young Nigerian lady has advised women to ‘kill’ their partners who cheat on them or try to dump them after suffering with them.

Nigerian lady advises women to 'kill' boyfriends who cheat in viral video (watch)

The young lady

The ridiculous video which was posted on Instagram by @ThatWarriGirl shows the lady saying Nigerian women should please stay with their men even if at the moment they are not so financially buoyant. According to her, so long as he’s hardworking, he’s not a thief, he’s not a killer, stay and build an empire with him. She also went on to caution women to not follow rich men whose their source of income is not known.

She however concluded the advise by saying the moment the woman sees her man is eyeing another woman who was not present when they were suffering, the woman should kill the man!. Watch the video below:


Do you think this is a healthy advice?