From jabi jummah mosque where imam speak about respect.
He said respect is reciprocal, if you do not have respect for your elders how do
Think the young once will you. Know body will correct you if you make mistake
Or the way you live your life and you cannot archive anything and Allah hate
Dose that disrespect. He preach about what is happen in the country now and
Said nothing human being can do about that except Almighty Allah because
Nothing hind under his throne, the living, the self-subsisting, eternal.
Neither slumber nor sleep can seize him.
See what Almighty Allah have done to dose that disbelievers and stubborn;
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Have you not see how your lord dealt with the owners of
The elephant?
Did he not cause their plan to end in vain?
And he sends against them swarms of flying creatures [birds],
Which pelted them with stones of baked clay?
And made them like green crops devoured [by cattle].
Telling us that we should go to Allah and seek his forgiveness, mercy
And the protection because is only him that have solution to our problem.imam also speak about love,the way people missued words called love and people should know the exact time to make use of it and also said we should love one another despite your religion.1526863_10152133982985330_99538360_n

The prayer forgiveness and protection

Our lord! Impose not on us a burden greater than we have strength t

Bear. Blot out our sins and grant us forgiveness. Have mercy on us. You
Are our protectors; help us against those who stand against faith.
Our lord! Deliver us from this town of which the people are oppressors;
Send forth to us some protecting friend from yourself; send to us from
Yourself one that will help us. Our lord sends down for us from heaven a table
Set (with food) that it may be for us for the first and the last of us a feast and
A sign from you; and provide for our sustenance for you are the best sustainer
(Of our needs).our lord! We have wronged ourselves; if you do not forgive us
And have mercy upon us, we will surely be of the losers.
Our lord! Perfect our light for us and grant us forgiveness. Verily, you have
Power over all things.