February is a month where the real people was born, the great men and women that care and show love to others, this one is really amusing what Grace does to her  primary school boyfriend.

According to report, I was born and brought up in Edo state, ii went to the same primary school with this guy but after we finish and start secondary school his aunt came home and took him to Abuja, since then we have not contact or seen each other.

I started learning hair dressing due that my parent didn’t have money to foreword my education, one day a lady came to our shop to reset her hair and lady was happy the way I did it.

On Christmas period when this lady came home, she came to our shop and said when she got to Abuja last time everybody was asking where does she make her hair because the was fine and complement every here and here, I was in kind of happy because people appreciate what ever do.

The lady now tell me that she will take me to Abuja, which I accept to go with her and now said we will go to Abuja January and after then we now came to Abuja and I started doing my work, unfortunately on February first I was standing outside I saw  somebody on top of bike and I called his name but I not know whether he had me but unfortunately on seventh day  of February I was trying to get something around my shop area where I saw him and I now walk toward him, on that process of approaching him,

I was shouted his name and he also saw me, he was in kind of happiness as I was and precisely I didn’t know what to do but I look in to his eyes and asked have you marred he said know and that is what gave me collage to tell him I love him and since when he left village life have never be the same with me and he said there is no problem  and that is where I now embrace him, hot kiss and I fall into his arms and started singing that God I thank you that I was born on February and I found my missing ring on February and I believe am going to wed on February. Oh oh oh I was so much in love with February and to those has been born on February.