220px-al-raziingerarduscremonensis1250The prides of the family turn to the family insensitive

A proudly man with three wives and this wife each has three kids but the last one has two kids and the family was doing well, one setting time when the children are now coming up an age then the family now start experience competition in the house but it was so lovely and the man was so happy seeing his children in a manner that he love most.

After primary and secondary school, the man now sit all of them downto advise them and also to know their opinion and some of them said they will not go further in their education because they wanted to start business why the less will continue their education and the man said okay, everybody is in title to his opinion.

Everybody now move on, on their activities but their father forgot the past how he was brought up, then when dose once in the school become graduate, some of them join army and some become politician.

The family was till okay and their father become selective, due that money flow from other side and family now become jealous of each other and also lead to their separation in the family. The man didn’t even think about that on till when the community need leader and everybody have graduate in their home and this man children that is doing business turn back to against his family but the family later won. Then that very year was not funny in the community, hard labor, hunger and so many atrocities was happen in the community and this cannot dear go near outsiders  is because he was ashamed about what his son is doing.

The family legacy was destroy and that is what lead the man to his grave and the children didn’t  smell that love between them that they use to, always bear the house shame instead of public shame to come upon you.