11038928_363647110500576_1736546894520429057_nThe best gift you can give to your parents is prayer

If you love your parents, you will never think twice when you wake up in the morning and being to ask God his protection over your parent, good health, care and love.

Is not easy for them to training you to the level you are, even if they didn’t have anything to offer you or you think their wicked, you don’t have any reason with what so even to look so down on them, I think you know the punishment for dose who treat their parent very wrong.

I love my parents even if have anything to give them or not, no matter how your friend’s mother cook you can never enjoying it like your own mother. My sympathy to dose which they have never experience the love of parents, especially the mothers love, anyone who live close to his or her mother will understand what am talking about, mothers love are the best love in life.

Person that have carried you complete The best gift you can give to your parents is prayer9months in her womb, when you now grow, what do you think about that woman that labor herself because of you, do you think you can pay her back or what, the best and only thing is prayer [du’a].

You are in the position of praying for your parents whether dead or arrive, show to your parent that you love them, remember Allah [God] love dose that care and love their parents.

I pray to almighty Allah11038928_363647110500576_1736546894520429057_n [God] that he should protect my parents,give them good health, longer life and the one that have pass on, may almighty God show him his mercy in the grave, no let all he does in this life turn to be hard punishment for him in grave, let his grave be cool and his visitors in the grave be kind and nice to him. Amen.