170px-kerosene_bottleProblem of our own country

Nigerian are experience hardship after 1984 they have never experience

Such but nothing has been done.

Things are getting increase every day by day, even our local foods are even

Surprising me most the way it increasing every day, emerging kerosene which

Everybody are using even in the village now rise in a way that common man

Cannot even afford to buy kerosene, know body seem to see it wrong but

Boys are not smiling to be frankly speaking.

You cannot stay in day without hear one problem or the other, people kill

People mostly in the north by book haram, thief everywhere, what do you

Expect unemployment are becomes large than employees once, not even

The hungry problem now but where to hind his head, even accommodations

Was so expensive in this country and you cannot even three square meal

Again and we all pretend that nothing is happen but things are not going