PHCN are corrupt     

As PHCN [power holding company of Nigeria] really do well rather to corrupt the

Young once under them.  At 24 century Nigeria is still suffering from light i

Do not seem to understand this country anymore; their service is too high,

We paid for the service they render to us and if anything happen to the cables

Or transformer are we the one to repair it or them, everything was so unusual,

We don’t have right to talk if anything went wrong. You will go and pay PHCN

Bill, if your money remains naira 300 to 500 they will come and cut your right

Because you have to pay reconnection fees of #2000 and you have to buy a

Wires because the old once are now their property or what do you call this,

Is not corruption. Before they said police are corrupt, yes they are, i may say

Is their habit by correcting #20 on high way even now they have increasing it

To #50 when they had about nepa’s own, i think federal government need to do

Something about all this ministry instead of individual.

Most of our ministry they didn’t know their work if not what concern police

With vehicle particular, federal government should enlightening them about

In case if they forgot. Federal government really needs to do something because

Masses are suffering, we didn’t have another home, and this is our home let

Government hear our cry.