images_9.jpegDebate from lugbe primary and lugbe academy

Topic – why early marriage is the best for ladies?

Lugbe primary –early marriage is the best because it prevent them form on

Wanted pregnancy, also lives a good life and religiously is the best.

Lugbe academy – early marriage was never be the best because it will make

Lady uneducated, they cannot stand when their mate speak and they will not

Even educate their kids, even to do their homework.

Second speaker, lugbe primary- early marriage is good because when you marry

Early it will make your kids to grow up to you and you be able to train them the

Way you want and you as parent will be proud of them.

Lugbe academy second speaker – early marriage is not the best because if you

See the way life is going now you will not advise your daughter to marry early.

Take this as an example, when you have a lawyer in the house and you have

A problem in the court, have you going to pay another lawyer or you will go

With your own daughter as a lawyer. You see, let ladies go to school before

Thinking of getting marry.

In conclusion, early marriage is good not at the age that the girl does not even

Know her left or right, at list after graduation. Even a girl can be marry when

She is in the school or it can also complete her study after she got married.