Can you force a lady to marry you?

A lady called choima and her guy pastor frank.

According to the report, choima knew this guy over 2years and he always says he want to marry me

But anytime I ask him to go and see my parent it comes problem, he used to castigate me, and he don’t

Have respect on other people’s family, am fade up, he fight me one which I sustain injury on face, I cannot seen complete two days and now I have seen a guy who want to marry me and he has gone to see my parents and even fix date for the wedding, I don’t how frank got the news from and he came to my house start shouting that he wanted to marry me and why did I introducing another man and he wanted to fight me. I told him I don’t want to be with inpatient man again, I want to marry a man that will tolerate my habit and my action, not a man that use to fight like joscina but a man With heart of love.

This guy frank was just calling himself  pastor but his a fake pastor, pastor that cannot coordinate people but he call himself pastor, I don’t know why people fool themselves and their doing evil they still call themselves man of God, who is fooling each other.

To my own view, due that choima has saloon and the pastor frank said she is good and what do you expect from frank, his a very castigated someone and nonsense, if you really love someone must you always quarrel her when she misbehave and he even call himself man of God, must we keep on deceive ourselves.

Why some man are not respecting themselves and causing pain to others is not a good idea please.

Let us learn how to respect others because we only know today and we don’t know how tomorrow      will be, except God who know all the unknown.