Three things that drown Africa backward

In a history of Africa, Africa was known as a hardworking people, hospitality and now sees what Africa have turn on to, a sentimental area, fraudulent market and naughty.

Our forefathers will never be happy with our leaders on what they have turn Africa into.

Sentiment- When you come to Africa that’s where you hear different slag, this one from east or south or north, then tell me how do you think they shall be peace in that kind of area and you think our forefathers will be happy to what is happen in the Africa that they used their hands and sweat to build. Sentiment is one of dose things that is affecting Africa. especially in Nigeria has becomes our language even in worshiping place, schools even  in a field of play, people say, if elders are doing something they remember that upcoming ones are learning.

Fraudulent- It painful, if the ideas of becoming leader in the country are to embezzle the national cake of that country is a bad habit. It was surprise when I had that they found none less than 50billim from former minister of petroleum in Nigeria. If 3 to 5 people have engaged in that act, tell me how the economics of that area will be and you expect that country to grow. Africa leaders didn’t have shame on their face, they didn’t think about others, all what they care for is themselves. Africa that I know are not thief but what is happen, Africa of hard working people and peacemaking, where is that zeal, that value that Africa used to show.

Naughty- Africa of hospitality are now called Africa evil, wicked and selfishness. If all I said is lies then look at what is happen in Gambia, what will you call that, after ruled them about 22 years and you still insist that you are not going to step down because it has now becomes family throne, he should even happy that he has release his road. This man is wicked and selfish and remembers whatever you did in this earth know that you are going to account for in hereafter. our forefathers are seen you people for the pain lay on their subject. May almighty Allah help and return peace, joy, love and freedom to Africa.