Habit of a man and the reaction from his lady

My question before the story,

If you found out that your guy or your lady drinking or smoking will ran away or you will stay to put an end to him or her drinking or smoking habit?

This guy is a every heave drunker and he also smoke and this lady didn’t know anything about his habit but he is a very loving and charming young guy, his girlfriend don’t normally be around because she live far from him but unknowingly that his girlfriend has engaged herself in rumors, some guys that they still want her in bed was feeding her with all disclosing of her guy. One faithful day when the lady came for a visit and there was a party on day, as normal thing the guy didn’t think whether will provoke his girlfriend, he think his girlfriend are like dose girls that didn’t care and he didn’t know his girlfriend may not like it, as  I was saying before you notice the girl starting crying because she didn’t expect him in that kind of life rather to believe in what dose guys told her.

She got angry and went home that very night, she refused to listen to the guy up to three to four and the guy who didn’t use to stay without someone, well he have pleaded with her time without number but she didn’t listen and the guy went ahead and found himself a very good looking pretty girl and this tough than the former one but this did everything between her power put an end to her guy act of drinking and smoking.

Do you know what amusing me this story, is that after when he has stopped the habit and his former girlfriend had it that he has stopped drinking and the girl was begging he should allowed her to come which she knew it cannot be possible again.

I think some people don’t know the meaning of love or feel for someone, we need to know that feeling or love is an examination that you about to write your heart. i use the word examination mean that will third party because if you fail, it may take you 4 to 5 year to make a correction and you should account in that 4 to 5 years how old are you going  to be, for that one need to be careful.