Who want to be a leader?

A community of animals who need to elect a leader and it was war all through.

Everybody want the leader to come from his house but know body can come out and say I want or my family want, everybody was thinking what to do and the fast man will  never  hesitate because is an opportunity for him to come back and to revenged what they have done to him in the past. Lizard was never slack, he was waiting for the opportunity to come and he sends an email to his son in the state.

When the son return, his father now narrate the whole story and the son agree to becomes and his father went ahead to announce that his son is back home and he agree to take the leadership of the community and he promise to be the best ever and to fight for justice and the right of the citizens in his regime by God grace and everybody was happy saying that they have got a very special one indeed.

When the guy resume office, not bad but his first encounter is with his father and boy was stubborn ones which he didn’t even consider whether the man is his father, but all what his is to keep his promises and his father always attack he, telling him that to hell with his promises, who made the law and who break the law, is the same people that make law also break it, what are you doing there telling me law of promises, whether you do what I asks  you if not you never smell joy in your regime and the boy try to obey his father at least give his daddy 30% of his promises and that is not what his father want, all what he want is to revenged what they have done to him in the past.

He constrains the boy on still he lose the sit to the big boys who believe that forgiveness is from God and the punishment is still from God. The lizard have never think that power will shift and when the power shift he start apologize to his son and said now I know difference between heaven and hellfire.

The new leadership was though and hard to work with but what really be the secret of that sit ask by rabbit and the rat said rabbit you always reason the way you ears long, rabbit now said because you rat didn’t have sense that it why they always found you in the box and in side pot of soups stealing fish and rat now said if you get sense enter aso rock to know whether you can see the leader, I didn’t need  any invitation to go there and lizard was listening to all their discussion and he was so crying bitterly know that there as life after death. Life cannot always sweet but it always amends and you can only gain when you forgive others but lose when you didn’t believe in God.

Always think what you can do for yourself not what people could do for you and don’t easily give up like that so that you not becoming a livestock.