Pastor Abraham from lugbe tudun wada Abuja, on his New Year message, he speaks about forgiveness.

He said, the scripture told him that, forgiving  others is like you need God forgiveness because if you are not forgive who so ever wrong you, even you will not be forgive, for that reason you have to free your mind so that you can be free from heaven.

How did you prepare for 2017,are you just waiting for 2017 to come, do you know, if you are not well prepared it may come to pass without you have saying or archive anything. What you need is to prepare waiting for him to come, so that when it arrives, he will acknowledge you and he will know that someone is prepared waiting for him. You need to plan how are you going to spend your year and what are your goal and your objective in 2017.

Year 2017 is a great year, year of prophecy, the years of worshiping, the years of breakthrough. I notice that you people are still wonder when I said, that is the year of breakthrough, you people should not wonder because is the lord doing, the reception we are in 2016 shall be broke because the scripture told me that when God want to test your faith, he will bring hungry to that city to know who really believe in him and who’s faith are not strong, this 2017 is the breakthrough year and Nigerian shall smile again. he also advice about the way people handle life, know that the life we are living is not ours, it just little time we have, for that case, we should always thinking about our end time because is a day that we cannot speak about by ourselves and then we need to start getting prepare for that day to come.

Always read your scripture,go close to God so that God will recognize you on that day. Know that God love dose that they close to him and most of dose that, they close to God do not suffer any pain or nothing to worry about. I wish you all prosperous newyear.