Chairman of the GENCO, Tony Elumelu, while at the Ughelli Power Plant, said that Nigeria’s single most critical agenda should be to fix power supply in the country and believes the Ughelli plant can produce more than a quarter of Nigeria’s power. “I see a future where everyone will have improved access to electricity in Africa, because improved access to electricity will help us to develop Africa, help us to transform the continent. Generating capacity It starts from the macro level and gets to the micro level. When we took over this plant the output was 150 megawatts, this was 2013, but today we have capacity to generate about 750 megawatts.” He added: “The capacity we have, this plant has about a thousand megawatts. By the end of this year, we should be at full capacity of 1,000. If we do 1,000 for context, Nigeria is currently generating 3,000 or something, less than 4,000. Let’s say 4,000. If it’s 4,000 and we’re doing 1,000, that already is 25 percent.” The increase in the generating capacity of Ughelli Plant is coming at a time the nation’s GENCOs are said to be generating less than 5.0 percent electricity needs of the country. According to Omotayo Dairo, Chief Executive Officer, Quintas Renewable Energy Solutions Limited, only 44 per cent of the country’s 170 million population have access to electricity from the national grid. “There is a lot of challenges in the country as regards electricity. The GENCOs are not generating enough to be able to go round the country. Nigerians are feeling the harsh economy today because government is the main financier of our economy, whereas it should be private sector-led. What we should try to do is to concentrate on the 56 percent of Nigerians who are not connected to the national electricity grid,” he added.

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