Is A Real Story That Is So Touch And Reasonable.

A man call joseph and his son Daniel, they always play like friends and mr joseph like fun, fun things, likewise his son Daniel.

le thing destroy the happy familA STORY OF A MAN WHO BELIEVE THAT This man have a very big bird and this bird is very amusing, surprising,you no,it has all doses flamboyant things. Mr joseph like the bird so much because the bird help him in some of his need and this bird was kept in a different room with padlock and mr joseph do brink the bird out every Sunday because every body will be around and they love seen this bird in every weekend,after all, you do not need to wonder because is amusing,a bird of gift that is what the children call it in that area.

Daniel always why his daddy lock this bird in side room, in the evening  when they were eating,Daniel called  his daddy,why do you lock this bird in side room, can’tI play with the bird when you are out and his daddy  now said no,know quite long, his daddy went out, Daniel now discovered that his daddy has gone out and Daniel go inside the room and brought out the bird,starting  call all his friends to come that the old man have forgot his padlock,they started  playing  with the bird,singing sweet, sweet  song for the bird and the bird say to Daniel that they should open the door and they did that, when Daniel sing, the bird will vomit money for Daniel and Daniel was happy, then the bird now said put me ontop of the window and I will vomit  A STORY OF A MAN WHO BELIEVE THAT FORGIVING OTHERS IS HARMFUL.

more money and Daniel did,before  they notice, the bird has already done.

When mr joseph now return home,he met his son crying and he ask Daniel why are you crying and Daniel just point hand to the room singing bird daddy,bird and the man went to the room and the bird is no more and mr joseph cut his son’s ear, due that you have ear and you cannot hear,may be now that you don’t have ear you may hear well.Daniel was angry over what his daddy did to him and he was planning to revenge back,one day Daniel and his daddy were going to the farm,on their way going,Daniel saw a palm tree behind the river and ask his daddy to clamp the tree and to pluck palm fruit,the first he pluck fall in side river,even the second and the last, he now came down from the tree and Daniel ask him to go inside the river to bring out the fruit,the more the he go the more he drank water and his singing that his son because of fruit he should go and lost,why his son said that my daddy who because of birds cut my ear and they both sing that song till the man goes down. After everything, Daniel lost his daddy because of palm fruits.

father cut his son’s ear and the men died inside the river because of palm fruit his son ask him to go and bring. Learn how to be nice and forgiving  no matter what someone did to you,see how the story end, and what do you think about the man and his son.