A  Live  Story Of Madam Grace

December is a month where all dose evil people avenge their  evil deed, the month that some family normally have problem because of Christmas kit, some relationship brake up during that period and even some lady stabbed her boyfriend till death .here are madam grace experience about December, my name is grace moses from kogi state and I base in suleja, some years  back in December I let home to market and on my way going I enter a car which  contain a lady and three able men, on our way going one of them bring out bible and start preaching, my mind was carried away, all my thinking is  that they are real, on knowingly they are fake.

After they have finish preaching ,they now brought out a box that contain dollars and they said  they need money to  clear some certain things that they use to unlock  it, I now ask them who own the box and they said that the box belong to their oga, and said he  is a white man and he has pass on, he told them that the box was lock with magic and they need to take it to  pastor to revoke the spirit, then they now ask the lady sitting next to me, that she should bring money  to unlock it, if she get up to #500,000 and they will give her  one million, then she now said she have only #150,000,that is where they now ask me if I  have interest and I told them that I only have #10,000 with me, they now corrected it from me and take us  to one house where they said the pastor leave and the pastor see the box and said this is real money, ask me to go and look for more money and I said may be I will tell my husband so that he will give me money and the pastor said   I should not speak out to any one till  after we have done, because am  going to  die if I tell any    one, I did not know that is all their plan and I succeed raise up to #450,000,even my friend money that she  give me  to keep, all was waist. they told me to come the second day, that is where I now know  their one chance people, because I got there the second day, the door was open and I enter look right and left know one to be found, I sat down no way, and stand up thinking because all my calculation my thought has finish, unfortunately I saw a man with his wife also coming, wiping badly I now ask them hope all is well and the man said no all is not well, l now ask what happen and he said, this my stupid wife with god fairing and money loving has just gave out some people who call them selves pastors #800,000 in replace of #2.5,000000 and now dose people are no where to be found. the man now said that his big problem now is what the kids is going to use on Christmas day and now ask madam grace what she doing here  and i tell them exactly  what happen and he said did I tell my hasband I said no and he said why, I told him that the pastor said  if I do am going to die and I don’t  want to die now, the man smile and said go home, when you reach home  tell your  husband and you are not going to die  now, he now said oh my sister you and my wife have just been fool, go home and rest and thinking how to pay the people who to blame, the God fairing and money loving lady  or  the preacher and pastor. this  story  is telling you to think well before you take any action because most of preacher who call themselves  man of God  their not  thrust, not even  in this reception time which every   body is eager ,ardent of making money.i believe almighty God will see us through this reception time.