We all think change is cause of our problem,no change is just a common flag and the problem of this country is leadership.
We don’t have a good leader in this country,because they always say,a leader lead with a good example,where is that example ,a leader that they are not unite,always attack each other’s opinion.they mislead us,and they miss used our fortune.
You need to see the way they behave,how do you think about the futures of tomorrow to behave and you people think they should greater than you and they are also copy from you,believe me even our our kids are not save.
Masses cannot even enjoy this country on till leaders have start to lead well and stop making all those fake promises.i always ask myself are these peoples representing us or what are their aim and objective,now I knew they are just there for themselves and cost us pain.they always come out to say,their is no money in the country even to pay civil servant,but former head of state,G hakubu gowon,said” Nigerian have money but how to spend it is the problem “, do you no that the salary this people earn,it will take an average Nigerian worker,60years and 44years to earn the annual salary and allowances of a senator and a member of the house of representatives respectively.this country can be change except by God grace,the way things are going now.go to primary school from their to secondary schools,to see what they are up to,you will be surprise about their behavior, the moral act,is unfair what you will seen in there.
Masses problem
Every Nigerian are complain about the change,but do you no this show some people secret the way they live, do you hear these,a man that sent his 3 child to study outside the country and now they didn’t have that fund to continue,they wanted to bring them back home,is these economy or waist.then now what about landlord,especially in FHA lugbe Abuja,2bedroom is 800,000 with water and 2bedroom without water is 600,000,unfair,federal government should do something about house rent.moreover is civil servant always do so,ok tell me some one that is receiving 80 to 100,000 amonth rent aroom of 800,000 where is he getting the money from,we are not economy, our dream always big,seriously we need to be conscious in what we are passing through and what we are going to face next.
Federal government need plan B because you cannot continue with only plan A,people is suffering and dying every day by day. may God help our leaders to know and youth to obedient.