What Is Fever,

Fever Is A Higher Than Normal Body Temperature Of A Person.

According To Mr Thomas Sydenham, Which States That Fever Is Nature`S Engine Which She Brings Into Field To Remove Her Enemy.

Every One Of Us Has Experienced The Wave Of Chills And Exhaustion    That A Fever Causes. Fever Usually Occurs In Response To An Infection As With The Flu Or Cold Viruses Or Strep Throat Bacterial Infection Or With Inflammation That Occurs With Tissues Injury Or Disease [Such As Cancer].

However, Many Other Causes Of Fever Are Possible, Including Drugs, Heat Exposure, Injuries Or Abnormalities To The Brain, Or Disease Of The Endocrine[Hormonal Or Glandular]System.

Do You Think You Are Free From The Infection, Then If You Think So You Lie.

What About The Water You Drink, Is It Formally Prepared Well, By Boiling, Filtered And How About The Surrounding Of House, Has It Been Clear And Clean.


Flu And Cold

Sore Throat


Abdominal Pain.