Moringa is a natural plant that is use to make medicine,both fleaves,bark,flowers,fruit,seeds root.

imagesMoringa is a nutritional and it can help preventing our body from diseases.

It can be used  to this,blood[anemia],arthritis and other joint pain [rheumatism]asthma,cancer,diabetes,diarrhea,epilepsy,stomach pain,intestinal spasms,headache,

Heart problem,high blood pressure,kidney stones and parasitic infection. moringa can be also used to reduce swelling,increases sex drive,prevent pregnancy,boost the immune system and increase breast milk production.220px-drumstickflower

Moringa is an important food source in  some parts of world.because it can grown  cheaply and easily.

Moringacantainsproteins,vitamins and minerals,as an antioxidant, it seems to help protect cells from damage.

Meringaoleifera leaf nutritional value per 100g


Energy -64kcal[270kj],   carbohydrates-8;28g,    dietary fiber -2;0g,    fat  -1;40g,                                        protein-9;40g



vitamins[A]equiv    -3;78ug[47%]         Thiamine[B1]-0;2557mg[22%]                riboflavin[B7] -0;660mg[55%]         niacin[B3]-2;220mg[15%]          pantothenic acid[B5]-0;125mg[3%]              vitamin[B6]-1;200mg[92%]   folate[B9]-40ug[10%]  vitamins[C]-51;7mg[62%]


calcium—185mg[19%]       iron—4;00mg[31%]      maganesium—0-36mg[17%]     magnesium—147mg[41%]         phosphorus—112mg[16%]      potassium—33;7mg[7%]  sodium—9mg[1%]    zinc—0;6mg[6%] to show that moringa is reach in nutrients.

The leaves are cooked and used like spinach and are  commonlydriey and crushed into a power used in soups,papu,tea and sauces.moringa juice may be mixed with lemonsito juice to make ice candies or cold drinks..Eaten in a clear vegetable soup,often with corn and co